Our Local Cleaner™

What is Our Local Cleaner™?

Our Local Cleaner™ is a web project aimed at helping homeowners and families to find top-rated independent, locally-built, and locally-owned carpet cleaning businesses in their area, and to avoid the not-so-great businesses. Our Local Cleaner™ strives to maintain high standards by promoting only those businesses with a commitment to high levels of customer service, and cleaners that only use advanced and modern equipment, and cleaners that are striving to remain at the top of their game in the industry — to earn your long-term trust.

How did it start?

Our Local Cleaner™ was started by two friends — Mike Murphy and Barbara Holden.

Mike Murphy has been working with one of the top carpet cleaning industry leaders, Steve Marsh, for over 10 years. Their aim is to promote top-rated and dedicated carpet cleaning service providers throughout the world.

Barbara Holden got the idea to create a website that promotes excellent carpet cleaners who are dedicated to their craft — and to share it with families and friends nationwide.

Together, they share a dedication to quality and value — and they want to make Our Local Cleaner™ a place you can trust to find excellent carpet cleaners in your area.

In 2018, Our Local Cleaner™ started with a single cleaner, and is growing every year, and expanding to cities across the United States.

Barbara and Jordy on the couch
Barbara and son Jordy
Barbara and Jordy on the couch
Jordy Keeping the Carpets Clean!

A Commitment to High Standards

Households nationwide can check Our Local Cleaner cleaner profiles to find the best local carpet cleaning providers. And that's just the short list. We only promote top-rated cleaning services with the highest degree of training, experience, and customer service. The people who join Our Local Cleaner — real local business people looking for clients for whom to perform high-quality work.

The Top 6 Reasons to Hire a
Locally-Built Professional Brand

According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and magazines such as Inc. and Time, hiring a native local business with locally-based owners and brands can be very important to your community's economy and financial well-being. Here are the top 6 reasons to hire a locally built and branded carpet cleaner.

1. Local Economy

Support your local economy by hiring the best pros who have built their businesses from the ground up in your neighborhood.

2. Local Character

Our pros have built their brands in your location with their local character as a major part of their brand.

3. Local People

The pros on Our Local Cleaner™ have supported local employees, vendors, and other business support systems.

4. Local Unique Values

Every city has different values and challenges, and Our Local Cleaner members have strong ties to your neighborhood.

5. Local Decision Making

When it comes to the laws and businesses practices in your area, our members have made their decisions about branding, outreach, advertising, and much more based on your community.

6. Local Entrepreneurship

Support your local entrepreneurs! They support and give back to the community.

Barbara and Jordy on the couch
We're Growing Nationwide!

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small carpet cleaning business in your area?

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Our Local Cleaner™ is a group of highly-experienced cleaning professionals who are committed to quality workmanship and neighborly customer service. Each cleaner on this site takes great pride in building their reputation as a strong local advocate, and sees carpet cleaning as a craft and a science. They are committed to giving you 5-star service and an excellent value.

By joining together, we are able to raise the standards of quality workmanship and consistency. With mutual encouragement we are motivated to continually improve our technical knowledge and expertise. As a group, we have the opportunity to learn from the best in our industry.

Meet the Contributors

Mike Murphy
Barbara Holden

Barbara Holden

Barbara is a stay-at-home small business owner, and the committed Mom of a fun, high-energy, 5-year-old son. She's married to her best friend, who is a highly successful local business owner in the window coverings installation business.
Barbara is committed to a healthy lifestyle and a clean home.

Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy likes to build stuff, and he has been making websites for top-level, single-truck, owner-operator carpet cleaning businesses since 2007. He's picky who he promotes, and only takes on carpet cleaners who are at the top of their game in customer service and superior workmanship. He turns down more carpet cleaners than he accepts. He's only interested in promoting the top-rated local brands.

Mike Murphy
Steve Marsh

Steve Marsh

Steve Marsh is a highly sought-after business consultant in the carpet cleaning industry. He is a retired carpet cleaner of 30 years in Silicon Valley in California, a column writer for Cleanfax Magazine (a carpet cleaning industry magazine for lifelong industry learners), and one of the top cleaning instructors for the IIICRC.

Ariel Alvarez
Ariel Alvarez

Ariel Alvarez

The newest addition to Our Local Cleaner's team, Ariel is our talented staff writer, bringing you interesting and useful information. She's in touch with our top, expert professional carpet cleaners, so she'll clearly and accurately explain everything you've ever wanted or needed to know about professional carpet cleaning, and DIY carpet maintenance.