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About Our Local Cleaner's Mission

Who Uses Our Local Cleaner?

There are literally tens of thousands of carpet cleaning businesses in the United States. Some are well-known national franchises, and then there are the independent experts that have created their businesses from the ground up in their (your) local community.

At Our Local Cleaner™, our mission is to promote these top-rated independent brands in your neighborhood, who have proven track records of expertise, neighborly customer service, and strong ties to the local economy.

We believe that you have come to the right place to find a perfectly matched cleaner if ...

You value maintaining a healthy and tidy home

You value hiring local small businesses who have built their brands from the ground up in your community.

You expect top-rated, on-time, and friendly service

You want to protect your investment in your home's interior

Trustworthiness, experience, and professionalism are important to you.

Why Choose Local Businesses

Our Local Cleaner™ promotes the best of your neighborhood carpet cleaning service professionals who have created a brand that reflects local character and community well-being. Keep your dollars in the local economy! Compared to nationwide chains, locally owned businesses keep a larger share of dollars in the local economy.

Many of the cleaners you’ll find on this site have lived in their local communities all their lives. They go to the same stores, attend the same churches, and their children go to school with your children.

They're building their businesses from the ground up in the community, working with the small business leaders and authorities to reflect community values, and contributing to the local economy and causes.

Many of these carpet cleaning professionals are also owner-operators, meaning the owner will clean your carpets each and every time you call. They are interested in building a long-term trust with you, and provide excellent service.

We hope you'll recommend them to other neighbors as well!

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Featured Cleaner

Josh Almanza - My Pro Cleaner - Houston and Spring, Texas

Spring Texas Cleaner Josh Almanza

Houston and Spring, Texas Communities

Hello, I am Josh Almanza, owner of My Pro Cleaner™, a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business serving homeowners in Spring Texas, and the Houston Texas area since 2004.

My wife, Patricia, and I both grew up and went to school in the Houston area. Being from the area, we enjoy exceptionally strong ties to and involvement in the local community. We also enjoy raising our four children here, and being involved in their activities.

I take great pride in my work and my entire business. I am committed to providing the highest quality workmanship in fabric care for your home or business, including upholstery, carpet, and rugs. I pay careful attention to the details, so that your home is always in good hands.

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Most of our cleaners clean commercial properties too.
• Offices
• Conference Rooms
• Lobbys & More!
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Most of our cleaners offer ways to save money
• Welcome New Customers!
• Maintenance Programs
• 30-day Spot and Spill Guarantee!
• Holidays Specials & More!
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Last updated February 2021

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