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Robert Engerman
Owner of Fiber Clean
serving Littleton, CO
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Fiber Clean™
Carpet Cleaning
Littleton, CO

Hello, I am Rob Engerman.

I am the owner of Fiber Clean — a local, family-owned carpet cleaning company that serves the the Littleton area in Colorado, and surrounding cities.

Established in 1989.

As an owner and expert cleaning for over 32 years, I am often considered to be the most reliable carpet cleaner in Littleton. I am happy to supply free quotes, and I do all the work myself — I don't hire inexperienced technicians. I will personally be your cleaner each and every time you call Fiber Clean.

I am well-educated in the entire industry of carpet cleaning, and I use the most advanced cleaning systems available to the home market.

The products and solutions I choose are of top-quality, and they are safe and effective for the carpet and for your family and pets.

I stand behind all my work 100%. Feel free to ask for references.

I am here to serve residents and businesses in Littleton Colorado, and surrounding areas, as well as the greater Denver area.

The Personal Carpet-Care Approach for Littleton Residents.

One of the great advantages of hiring Fiber Clean is that Fiber Clean is an owner-operated business. I will be your cleaner for every job — each and every time you call. Don't settle for a different, unknown technician or trainee with little experience when you need your carpets cleaned. Call Fiber Clean today!

What makes Fiber Clean shine?

When you need a carpet cleaning company, you don't want to hire just anyone. You want to hire a professional that provides exceptional results and has the training and experience you can count on. You also want a pleasant and friendly service experience that makes you feel at ease.

At Fiber Clean, we strive to provide an experience that stands out as much as your newly cleaned carpets will. When you hire Fiber Clean for carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning services, you can count on:

  • 100% Total Satisfaction
  • Expert work from a fully-licensed and insured professional
  • Manufacturer-approved cleaning methods
  • Superior workmanship quality
  • Friendly Can-Do Service
  • Over 30 years of expert cleaning experience — I've seen it all!

Littleton, CO Residents : Contact Fiber Clean™ today for great friendly expert Carpet Cleaning Service

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