How to Prepare your Home
for Professional Carpet Cleaning

It's cleaning day!

You want to get the most from your professional carpet cleaning appointment.
And we're sure you'd like to have your carpet cleaner work thoroughly and efficiently, so you can get the best results, and resume your daily activities.

There are only a few things that your carpet cleaner will need you to do before your appointment — and we also have some extra tips to for you to get the most from your professional carpet cleaning service.

1. Protect Valuable Items and Furnishings

Please remove any lamps, vases, and other fragile or breakable items from tabletops.

We suggest that you pin-up any full-length window coverings and curtains, so that they are at least 6 inches off the floor. You can use pins or clothing pins. Also, please pin up the skirts on upholstered furniture and bed coverings that are touching the floor.

A Little Dusting Helps

Dusting your furniture and the baseboards in each room prior to your carpet cleaning appointment will help ensure that the dust won't end up on your newly-cleaned carpet.

2. Clear the Floors of all Objects

Please remove small items like floor plants, ottomans, small tables, magazine racks, dining room chairs, and anything on the floor that would hinder the cleaning process.

Your cleaner will also appreciate the floors being clear of personal items, toys, books, etc.

Ask your local cleaner. Many will be glad to help you to move light furniture such as dining room chairs and small coffee tables.

Also, it's important not block the hallway access to the room to be cleaned with the furniture that you moved. Your cleaner will need at least a 3-foot-wide pathway.

3. Secure Your Pets

Pets should be secured or gated away from the areas being cleaned. The noise from some of the cleaning equipment may frighten some pets. And you will want to prevent your pets from getting loose, as the door will be open (to allow for hoses) during your cleaning appointment. Please make arrangements for your pets prior your cleaner's arrival.

4. Please Free Up Space for The Carpet Cleaning Truck-Mounted Equipment

Your cleaner uses powerful, truck-mounted equipment — so they'll need to park their vehicle as close as possible to an entry door in order to run hoses for the cleaning equipment. The closer the better. And they will also need a little room to work around their vehicle.

If you might need to leave in your vehicle while they are working, please remove your vehicle out of the garage and park on the road. Your cleaner doesn't want to block you in!

Some cleaners may need access to a water-hose bib, usually found outside or in the garage. Some cleaners bring their own tanks of treated water. Please ask your cleaner what they need.

For Apartments and Condominiums — Please keep this in mind:

• Leave at least 2 adjacent, open parking spaces close to the property to be cleaned.
• They may need a hose bib within 100 feet of their van.
• They'll need a safe route to run hoses to and from the truck-mount that is not a tripping hazard for others, and so that no vehicle can accidentally run over and crush the hoses.

5. Prepare for our Pre-Inspection Walk-through

Although a full inspection is part of most cleaner's complete carpet cleaning process, nobody knows your home better than you do!

Please show your cleaner your highest traffic lanes, and any stains or spots that you are particularly concerned about during the pre-inspection. That way, they can give those area(s) some extra attention — and apply special techniques if necessary — and you can have the peace of mind knowing that they will address these areas.

Please also let them know of any special instructions to follow, or if there are any broken or fragile furnishings, with weak legs, or loose tops, for example.

6. Prepare for After Your Cleaning

It's a good idea to plan ahead for the necessary drying time after your cleaning.
For best results, follow these tips after your cleaning:

• Please leave plastic tabs and blocks under your furniture for 48 hours.
• Avoid walking on the carpet (especially with shoes) until the carpet is dry. This can take 2 to 8 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.
• Provide air flow by opening windows, turning on fans, and running A/C or heat will help speed up the drying process.
• Don't let your kids or pets lie down on the carpet until it is completely dry.
Slipping hazard Please use caution when walking from the damp carpet to any hard-surface area.

That's it!

Thank you!
Your cooperation helps your carpet cleaner do a better job for you.

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