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Carpet Cleaning Services
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At Our Local Cleaner, we are thrilled to have My Pro Cleaner™ as one of our featured carpet cleaners. Josh Almanza is the owner and operator of this family-owned, locally-built carpet cleaning company that provides extra high standards of carpet cleaning service for Tomball Texas Residents.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Tomball, Texas

My Pro Cleaner™ is a top-rated carpet cleaning company in the Tomall, TX area. His reviews are genuine and heart-felt. Take a look at them on his website! Josh has been providing homes and businesses with friendly expert carpet cleaning services in Tomball Texas and surrounding cities near Houston since 2004.

Josh keeps up-to-date on the latest best practices to give you the best results! He regularly attends the top nationwide conventions, and exchanges his knowledge of the craft with the country's top professionals. He is also a sought-after teacher of the more intricate aspects of carpet cleaning by other cleaners in his community. He is outstanding in his field, and also an expert in upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, and tile cleaning services.

Josh takes great pride in his business, and offers the best choice for carpet cleaning services in the Tomball, Texas community.

My Pro Cleaner™ has over 15 years of experience, uses only top-of-the-line powerful equipment, and he cleans and sanitizes his equipment after every job. He has the expert knowledge to solve challenges including tough spot and stain removal, bringing matted-down high-traffic areas of your carpet back to life, and his techniques remove as much of the accumulated dirt and allergens in your carpet as possible — to promote your healthy home and the longevity of your carpets.

My Pro Cleaner™ uses a top-class, truck-mounted cleaning unit that uses extra hot water and powerful suction to help his carefully-chose solutions to achieve the most thoroughly clean carpets possible — all the way from the surface to deep down into the base of the fibers.

Like all of our featured cleaners, Josh uses the method of carpet cleaning that is the gold standard — known as Hot Water Extraction — and often referred to as "steam cleaning". It's the professional process that is recommended by most of the best known carpet manufacturers for its effectiveness, and many of them require THIS method to keep their new-carpet warranties intact.

Josh's truck-mounted cleaning unit is safe and effective, and is especially effective at removing allergens, oily residues from airborne cooking oil, and the hot water can kill dust mites that are hidden deep in the carpet fibers. If not eliminated, oily residues will cause your carpets to become dirty again FAST, and allergens can become airborne and cause allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and other health complications.

My Pro Cleaner™ will clean your carpets as thoroughly and completely as possible.

Why Choose My Pro Cleaner™ in Tomball Texas for your Carpet Cleaning Service?

Several reasons!

Fair, Honest, Competitive, straightforward pricing

Josh gives accurate free estimates and he NEVER adds surprise or hidden charges. Josh offers honest, fair, and competitive pricing for the highest quality standards of carpet cleaning service.

Locally-built, owned, and operated company

Josh and his wife Patricia grew up in the Houston area, and he started My Pro Cleaner™ in 2004 — a locally-run, family-owned company that offers an extraordinary carpet cleaning experience in Tomball, Texas. Once again, read his reviews on Google!

Happiness Guaranteed!

When you choose Josh to be your go-to carpet cleaner, you can have the peace of mind that you'll get a friendly neighborhood expert who loves to answer questions, and who gives the best value for your money and 100% happiness guaranteed.

Josh has a Strong Work Ethic and Philosophy

Josh Almanza once told us that he does not consider carpet cleaning to be "a job". He considers carpet cleaning to be the science and the craft of achieving the most perfect results possible. He addresses even the smallest of details — from protecting your walls and furniture with rubber bumpers to tackling the challenging spots, he is dedicated to his craft — to deliver you the best, cleanest, and healthiest carpet, tile, and upholstery care possible in Tomball TX.

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My Pro Cleaner™
The Art of Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Tomball, Texas

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